Sleep Deprivation - How long does it take to recover?

Sleep Deprivation - How long does it take to recover?


Unfortunately the rebound period when you've lost sleep is much longer than you think.

New research suggests that the ability to “catch up” on lost sleep later is more of a myth than a fact. 

Investigators at Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland, carefully examined changes in functioning associated with sleep loss among adults.

The study showed that after a prolonged period of missed sleep, the participants had not fully recovered even after a whole week of trying to pay back that sleep debt! 

At the beginning of the study, they tested the participants in several different ways to assess their motor skills and brain function. Then the test subjects had a period of 10 days with 30% less sleep than normal. They were then allowed to sleep as much as they wanted to and were retested every day for a week after. By the end of the week, all of the tests were still coming back showing worse function than before the sleep deprivation.

This research emphasizes just how important it is to get all of our zzz’s when we can and prioritize consistent good quality sleep.

Research from Berkley neuroscientist Matt Walker has shown similar outcomes. Walker has said that 'sleep debt' is a misnomer. Our bodies are not banks and we cannot pay ourselves back for missed Zzz's. 

Unfortunately, when we miss sleep, we miss sleep. That means that the learning, memory formation, and functional benefits of sleep are missed. 

We're not trying to freak you out, but it's important to realize when you can't make up for the lost time. 

Certainly your body will work hard to rebound and actually will have longer bouts of deep and REM sleep in the nights following sleep deprivation - which feels GRRRRREAT. But that does not actually make up for the missed time. 

Just like our relationship with food and the scale, many of us have long had an unhealthy relationship with sleep. We've spent a lot of timing taking sleep for granted, consistently running ourselves down during the week and trying to catch up on the weekend. 

The truth is, there is no catch up. If you want to perform at your best, keep your brain healthy, maximize your hormone environment for your metabolism and lean muscle gains, and emotionally regulate well, you need to start focusing on consistently getting enough good quality rest. 

If you need a little extra help, that’s where Thirdzy comes in! 

Our PM Recovery Collagen can help to support better quality sleep and recovery from your toughest days. Many of our customers use us nightly as a corner stone of their sleep routine. 

Sleep tight,
Dr. Justine

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