Dr. Justine
Doctor of Chiropractic and CrossFit Coach

Hi! I'm Dr. Justine, Founder of Thirdzy

In 2020, I kept waking up in the morning feeling like I hadn't slept at all. I was struggling to keep up with my workouts, drank a ton of coffee, and would have big energy crashes in the afternoon.

At first I thought I must have a problem with my hormones or something. But they couldn't find anything 'wrong' with me.

Then I got a sleep tracker and realized that even though I was sleeping, my body wasn't actually resting. I wasn't getting enough deep or REM sleep, and my heart rate wouldn't come down until right before waking up in the morning.

I overhauled my sleep habits, but still felt like I needed some support to get my system to rest better.

I was surprised (and kind of annoyed) when I couldn't find a natural product that I wanted to use regularly.

Like why is everything else a hormone or a sedative? Who wants to put that junk in their body?

I know the physiology of sleep, and melatonin and sedatives don't actually improve your sleep processes.

You need nutrients and amino acids that support all of the activity that your brain does while you're sleeping.

Sleep is a function and people like you and me needed a functional supplement to fuel it.

We have one now, it's called PM Recovery Collagen.

If you trust your sleep to us and take us to bed, we're confident that it'll be one of the best nights you've ever had ;)

-Dr. Justine & The Z Team