Hi! I'm Dr. Justine, the Founder of Thirdzy

Hi I’m Dr Justine Luchini, Founder & CEO of Thirdzy. I founded Thirdzy in 2021 to make innovative natural products that help address the growing crisis of inadequate rest and burnout.

We have so many tools, even natural healthy tools, to help us stay ‘on’. The coffee industry alone does over $460 billion a year.

But on the other side of this “on/off” equation, we simply don’t have effective tools that are appropriate for regular use.

And so, our ‘always on’ culture has increasingly become ‘burn out’ culture and 'over training' culture.

Don’t get me wrong.. This is not about slowing down and doing less.

I’ve seen all the self-care memes and all the posts reminding you that it’s okay to slow down and that you don’t have to grind so hard. But I like working hard. I have goals, personal and professional. I have a business to grow and I want to deadlift over 300 lbs again. 

I don’t want to take my foot off the gas – and I doubt you do either.

What we all really want is more in our tanks.

What we need is something to help us rest better. Something to help balance our on/off equation so that we can fill our tanks enough to keep going hard.

Work hard..Rest hard ..Repeat .. And keep on going with this life marathon that we’re running.

Thats’s why I started Thirdzy.

I set out to make products that make our rest time easier and more effective. Products that are natural, not habit forming, and not sedatives that incapacitate us and prevent our bodies from actually recovering.

A couple of years ago I put my nerdy, biochemistry, science-y brain to work. I poured herself into research and self-experimentation.

I tried countless nootropics, nutrients, herbs, and techniques to get better rest. Not just more sleep – I wanted an easier wind down before bed, better quality sleep, and better recovery stats.

Eventually I landed on a combination that worked.. and that became the basis of our PM Recovery Collagen. 

Thanks for being here! I hope you love Thirdzy and if you do choose to take us to bed with you, we'll try to make it the best night you've ever had!  

Love, Dr Justine & The Z team. 

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