PM Recovery Collagen
PM Recovery Collagen
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30 Day Supply In Each Bag

PM Recovery Collagen

Nightly sleep performance & recovery support

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"It tastes sooo good and mixes so well. I'm seeing lots of deep sleep on my tracker AND my joint pain is GONE since I started using it! This is way better than other powders that I've tried."
- Kirsten R




If you're not experiencing better sleep quality after 30 nights of consistent use, we'll give you your money back. Period.

Experience Deep Sleep

While Your Body Rebuilds

PM Recovery Collagen helps you get the best quality sleep while your joints and muscles are actively repairing. Priming you to wake up energized and ready to take on your busiest days and toughest workouts. 

  • Melatonin Free - Non Habit Forming
  • Supports Deep Sleep & REM Sleep
  • Joint & Muscle Repair
  • Great Energy Throughout the Day
  • Better Recovery Scores & Sleep Data On Your Wearable Devices

Potent Natural Ingredients

Clinically Relevant Doses

Is PM Recovery Collagen
Right For You? 

Is PM Recovery Collagen Right For You? 

Why PM Recovery Collagen Before Bed?

Collagen is the basis of PM Recovery Collagen because it has unique properties that support sleep and tissue repair.
Here's what the science says:

Taken before bed, collagen provides important building blocks for tissue repair when your body needs it most. PLUS you get the sleep benefits of glycine.

High-quality rest is as vital to your fitness as working out and nutrition. To get the benefits from your training, your body needs to repair and rebuild. You did the work, now get the gains – while you sleep.

"The added magnesium and L-theanine are the perfect combination to calm your nervous system at night. There's so much to love about this product! I've been looking for a melatonin-free supplement that I feel comfortable using every night without impacting hormones or creating dependancy."
- Dr Justine Ward BHSc, DC




Easily dissolves into cool liquid for
an effortless prebed routine.


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