Learn About Your Zzz's

  • Our 50 Best Sleep Tips - Your guide to improving your sleep quality and workout recovery.

    Consistency is key and the things that you are able to implement and maintain are going to be the most impactful for improving the quality of your sleep and overnight recovery. 
  • The Best Sleep Aid for Athletes

    Most of the existing sleep aids on the market are only focused on one thing: helping to knock you out.

    Athletes need way more than that. You need nutrients that help support great quality sleep and that contribute to how efficiently your body recovers from your workouts. 

  • 4 Reasons Why CrossFitters Need More Sleep

    The recent rise in popularity of wearable sleep tracking technology has shed light on something that we’ve always kind of known but have had a lot of trouble quantifying:
    Most CrossFit athletes aren’t sleeping or recovering hard enough to keep up with an intense training program.